Rachel Redding

about rachel redding


Rachel Redding is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in Houston, Texas.

With roots in ballet, jazz, modern, and urban dance styles, Redding has been performing locally for over 10 years. Rachel has had the pleasure of training and performing with many Houston choreographers and organizations over the years such as Dance Houston, MetDance, Houston City Dance, River Oaks Dance, NobleMotion Dance, Soundbox Studios, Dance Source Houston and more.

As a choreographer, Rachel blends her experiences in the urban, commercial, theatrical, and contemporary dance worlds. She has presented original works at Dance Source Houston’s “Mind the Gap” series and the University of Houston’s Emerging Choreographers Showcase. Redding continues to explore new and innovative ways to blend her favorite styles of dance for stage and screen.

Currently, Rachel is studying at the University of Houston, where she will receive her BA in Dance. She continues to teach dance classes and create her own work on a project basis. Rachel’s mission is to spread love and positivity through the art of dance and joy of movement.

Education & Training

University of Houston Class of 2021
Bachelor of Arts in Dance
Minor in Marketing

Gaga Summer Dance Intensive NYC

NobleMotion Summer Dance Intensive

The Galen Hooks Method

Soundbox Studios

Hunter Dance Center


Houston City Dance


Ready All Along” Mind The Gap 9.0 2019

Sweet Creature” 2018

Exclude” UH Goes To The Match 2017

The Walking Dread” Emerging Choreographers Concert 2016

Snap Out Of It” Student Choreography Concert 2015

Real People Do” Student Choreography Concert 2014

Professional Experience

Tower” NobleMotion Dance, Andy Noble & Laura Harrell 2019

Project X” NobleMotion Dance, Mike Esperanza 2019

Find Me” Sumni Boys Concert, Mariah Henry 2019

WyldStyl” WOD Houston, Aaron Medina & Thy Nguyen 2018

Cherry Eyes” LYTA Music Video 2018

Smiling Calm” Barnstorm Dance Festival, John Beasant III 2016